Friday, January 14, 2011

you are not special. sorry.

day one, homeless man is "discovered" on a street corner because he has a 'golden voice'.  day two, he's famous, has hundreds of high paying job offers and is loved by millions.  day three, he's been arrested because of a fight in a hotel, and he's checked himself into rehab.

i really REALLY wish i was making this up.  but i'm not.  this actually happened this week.

but you know what?  that's not how real life works.  it isn't. in the real world, people suffer.  they have to work at jobs that they hate, for less money than their worth.  there is not fairy godmother, no prince charming waiting to whisk us away from all this.

you are not special.  you are not a unique little snowflake.  there is nothing that you can do that no one else can do better.  the same goes for me.  the same goes for all of us.

sorry, but it's true.

i feel the need to tell you this because apparently everybody forgot.  or wasn't told in the first place.  because every damn person in the world seems to be obsessed with either becoming famous or with the people that already are famous.  everybody thinks they want, nay, deserve a reality show.  we have people quite literary KILLING to be famous.

when is this going to stop?  i for one am going to do my part to make it stop now.  i'm having a battle right now with Princess.  she doesn't believe she needs to know how to do laundry.  or the dishes.  or how to clean up after herself.  she honestly believes that there will always be someone there to take care of her.  that she's going to have every little problem in her life taken care of by someone else.  and i'm sorry, but to me it's doing her a disservice to the woman i hope that she becomes not to teach her.

if we all teach our children that yes, they are special to US, but they still have to (and i really hate using this term) be contributing members of society...  maybe we can dig ourselves out of this hole we've gotten into

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  1. I totally agree. I think the hardest lesson I had to learn and the hardest one to teach is that life isn't always fair and we really aren't that special. Yes we may be special to someone but not in the overall scheme of things. Teaching children that everyone always wins and there are no real consequences doesn't make them better adults, it makes them delusional.