Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Tonight the sirens seem closer. The hurt and injustice of the world sharper.

Why didn't anyone who saw his suicide note on Facebook say or do anything? How did no one notice that he was disturbed?

How did it get so bad that a 17 year old kid decided that the best and only way out was to take a gun into the school and shoot two administers before turning the gun on himself?

And why, tell me WHY no one noticed that something was wrong?

A woman died today. I didn't know her. Never met her. But she was cut down far too soon. And no one can tell me why.

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  1. why is because no one noticed. The technological age has not brought us closer but instead has put us in our own individual boxes that the rest of the world can take a microscope to. Nothing is anyone's problem anymore, it is always someone else's. Cries for help heard- well everyone figured that it wasn't "their place" or that someone else would take care of it. This crap pisses me off so bad because the deep down, truthful reason these things happen is because everyone so damn self absorbed that children have no one to go to that will hear them and really listen. Yeah I'll hop off this soap box now, but not before I shoot the finger at the world collectively.