Sunday, November 10, 2013


it's en vogue right now on facebook to list something each day that you are grateful for.  while i'm not going to go that far, i will list just some of the things that i'm really truely grateful for here.

i'm grateful for my children.  they are smart, and beautiful, and amazing and bring me happiness every single day of my life, even if i don't see them every day.

i'm grateful for my husband.  it's no exaggeration to say that he saved me.  i honestly would not be where i am, in any way shape or form without him in my life.

i'm grateful for my parents.  they are the most wonderful and giving people i've ever known in my life, and every charitable bone i have in my body comes from them.

i'm grateful for my family, both blood and extended.  they are my tribe and that is no small thing.

i'm grateful for my faith.  it gives me a sense of peace in a very turbulent world.

i'm grateful for my health.  when it boils right down to it, i own absolutely nothing else in this world but this body, and i'm happy that it is in (mostly) working order.

while we're at it, i'm grateful for my herbalist.  as much governmental weirdness as is surrounding the healthcare industry, i'm thankful that i have a way to take care of myself.

i'm grateful for yoga.  it allows me some time for myself.

i'm grateful for wool socks.  yes, this sounds flippant, but it really isnt.  and if you don't understand that, you've never had a pair of hand knit wool socks, and i'm so very sorry.

i'm grateful for my abilities.  they are many and enjoyable.

i'm grateful that i live in a place where i can find fresh real food when i need to.  a lot of people cant.

so obviously, i'm grateful for a great many things.  what are you grateful, really grateful, for?

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  1. I actually started a grateful journal this year on January 1 and faithfully recorded my gratitude everyday until about May. Then I began preparing for our summer vacation and the days got away from me. At the top of the grateful journal list, though, would definitely be my hubby and my kids. My hubby loves me even when I don't deserve it but need it the most, and my kids provide me with the daily challenges that keeps the blood pumping as well as unbelievable joy.

    I enjoy your blog! Keep on writing! :)