Thursday, November 7, 2013

i miss my bestie

my best friend only comes into town, if im lucky, once a year or so.  we text message each other, and keep up in each others lives, but given my hate for talking on the phone, that's about all we can do.  but she's coming into town this time for the Solstice for almost a week.  i'm so excited i almost squeed myself.

she is amazing and beautiful.  inside and out.  i've known her for well over half my life at this point, and she knows everything about me, at least everything worth knowing.  we lead very different lives.  where i settled down, she is truly a Rom spirit, driven by wanderlust.  i don't envy her though, her path is different than mine.  both beautiful, just different paths.  i will love every minute she is here, and miss her terribly when she is gone.  but i wouldn't change either of our lives even a moment.  we are the way we are for a reason.  its our wyrd.

so i guess, Andromeda, this is my round about way of saying......  i made you yoga socks for christmas, and now i can give them to you in person.  

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