Monday, July 4, 2011

The value of acceptance.

Dreams are beautiful things.  I love nothing more than to let my imagination wander, taking me to exotic locations, intreaguing mysteries, and dangerous romance (oddly still always starring hubby... hmmm).  it gives me an escape from the every day, and everybody needs a little escape now and then.  And I wouldnt give up dreams for anything.  But there is also something to be said about 'accepting your lot in life' (as hubby puts it).

This is something that is actually pretty hard for me.  Call it the biproduct of a University Theater Education (and yes, I'll finish my degree someday), but I have trouble keeping my feet on the ground sometimes.  Hubby and I will make these grand glorious plans (comic book shop, coffee house, lottery winner), just to loose momentum about a quarter of the way through.  Not that we lack the drive, but we get sidetracked with children, bills, and the all consuming focus of keeping a roof over our heads. And lets be honest for a second, in today's economy there is precious little money left over for dreams sometimes. 

Not very in the moment, I know.

And getting the house painted made me realize something.  I will probably never leave that house.  Not for a good five or ten years at least. So all the dreams of packing up and leaving for New Zealand (or the latest, Florida) just aren't going to happen.  But here's the awesome part... I accept that.  I'm OK with putting those adventure dreams on hold. Because as awesome as it would be to home school bubby in a NZ hobbit hole, doing the same thing at our current home will be just as awesome in our own backyard. Especially if the lesson is on building our own hobbit hole.  Because staying here means I have a phenominal support system, my circle of friends whom I lurve, and I can build my own Little Zealand/Key West in the back yard. 

Not that I still don't have moments that I want to borrow mom and dads RV, take the kid(s) and just......go.  but I'll always have somewhere to go back to. 


  1. You guys should move down here and we'll build our own little hobbit hole and homeschooling center :)

    I totally understand about the difficulty of accepting where we are at a given moment...I used to think it meant unequivocally being okay with things never changing to accept things as they are. But I like the idea that we have to accept things as they are before we can make changes to know them fully...their good, bad, and ugly...think of it less as giving up on those dreams, and more as preparing for a strategic and concentrated strike on what we want to change. Furthermore, I am finding that calm in acceptance which helps me move toward my goals without so many ups and downs. That's always been hard for me, so kudos to you, love.

    btw - it's totally awesome that your wildest fantasies include your hubby...that means you chose well :)

  2. This makes me think of yoga, where I have to be firmly rooted to the earth, then find my balance, only then extending outward my reach. Without establishing that base and accept its support fully, I would fall. But also, without extending out my reach, I would remain static. My heart would not change its rhythm and I would never see how far I can stretch myself.

    But, it would be nice to do it on a tropical island of dreams...

  3. Ah yes we all have those moments indeed

  4. Life would be only half as much fun without dreams. And a whole lot harder with our feets to far away from solid ground. It's the balance...

  5. Dreams are important to have, they can keep us going at times.

    I have long wanted to open a coffee shop/book store/occult store and even if it never happens, dreaming about it makes me feel good.

    I love what you said about creating right there in your home, with your circle of support!

    Bella/TheWitchWriter/Angel ( whatever you want to call me lol..

  6. It's always good to accept who we are, and still think of who we want to be. Don't stop dreaming, the dreams keep us going through the bad times, but find the joy in where you are too. What a great post and very real truth.