Friday, July 22, 2011

An editorial to my pintrest obsession

OK.  I'm a little obsessed with pintrest.  It is one f the most beautiful and inspiring time sucks ever.  But not everything is sunshine and marshmallows.  A couple of editorials on things I've seen. 

1. 'What if you only woke up today with the things you thanked God for yesterday?'  Well, I'd think your god was kind of a dick.  I mean, hes only going to help peope that say thank you?  what if i only took 911 calls from people who actually needed help? I'd be out of a job. 

2. 'How to fix the gap at the back of pants'.  Um, eat more. Or buy pants that fit.  But mainly eat more.

3. I love Harry Potter as much as the next girl... but I don't need 80 screen shots a second.

4. 'How to fold a fitted sheet'   Why?

5. If you're pinning someone to ask if you are too old for a particular haircut, you have answered your own question.  Sorry.

6. Whoever is finding all the 50's mini rv's, where are they, I can get a trailer hitch and get there!

1 comment:

  1. Folding a fitted sheet is the bomb dot com, my friend. I personally am kind of done with the 50's stuff, myself. But that's just me. You know, I'm all hip and modern and shit.

    Did you see the Star Wars set I tagged you in?