Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wordless wednsday - i hate jello

this is what happens when you try to make jello in cupcake wrappers cause you think it'll be cool


best.  cupcake.  wrappers.  ever. 

yes, my tea cup has a warewolf on it.  

then about here when i poured the jello into the wrappers, the wrappers started to melt.
i couldn't grab my camera and also save the jello.

so this happened

and i put the damn stuff in a pan to gel up.  

i hate jello


  1. actually (and this is according to my sketchy memory of an old Good Eats episode with Alton Brown) I think you can actually put the hot jello into a container such as your measuring cup and put it into the fridge for a short period until it just starts to gel and then put it into the wrappers and finish off the chilling. hope that helps =).

  2. Did they actually melt or just mush up? If the latter was the case, try placing the cupcake wrapeprs in a cupcake baking sheet next time.