Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Putting the social into social media

Its occurred to me that many of you may not actualy know anything about me. We may be Facebook/twitterverse friends, so you probably get daily (hourly) updates about bubby and things that amuse and annoy me. Swearing added to that if its twitter. And to be honest, if you're a regular reader of this blog (hi mom!) You get a little more insight.  But common, this is SOCIAL MEDIA people! So its time for a little sharing. 

So I'm going to share 25 things you probably didn't know about me.  Cause I'm being social.

1. I don't have the kind of luck that will allow me to find a five dollar bill in the street, but I still buy lottery tickets
2. I've moved my studio 4 times in the 4 years we've lived in our house, someone else always needed the room.
3. I hate wearing shoes and socks.  Winter is a cruel, cruel season.
4. I started turning grey when I was 11. The only reason I know my real hair color is because its the one that grows on the bottom.
5. I hate reality TV. There is nothing real about those people.
6. This is the first year in 10 years that I haven't wanted to cut off all my hair. I want to get it to mid back length.  I'd like dreads, but I'm not sure how that'd look on me.
7. My wedding ring is enscribed in Elvish.
8. Hubby and I recently decided to home school bubby. Not easy considering we both work full time.
9. I stopped a pick pocket when i was in New Orleans. While I was dressed like a pirate.
10. I don't like leaving the house. But I also get so bored at home I have to get out.  Worst. Agoraphobic. Ever.
11. I suffer from self-esteem issues. My ego is off the charts. (Though you probably did know that about me)
12. I'm more comfortable in costume than in my work uniform.
13. I carry my art supplies and crafting stuff with me to work. You never know when the urge to work on an ATC will strike.
14. To misquote Wash "not a lot of people get me and hubby at first glance".
15. He still hasn't forgiven me for telling him to 'hang on' while I was getting DD's and my picture taken with Seth Green. Apparently I was supposed to say 'get over here now'.
16. Tori Amos hugged me once. I didn't even have to ask.
17. I have 2 paintings in 2 different meduims I'm working on at the same time.  Cause you know, multi tasking doesn't drive you crazy at all.
18. I carry a Sketchbook with me at all times.
19. I could eat couscous and yogurt everyday and be happy. Or sushi. Maybe both, just not at the same time.
20. I put up a brave front, but bugs ook me out.
21. I would ROCK as a stay at home mom. Fact.
22. I can't eat bananas that are too hard or too soft. There's maybe a 2 day window that I can eat them in.
23. This list is surprisingly hard to make.
24. I clean my kitchen with water and vinegar. Sometimes baking soda.
25. I make my own Starbucks iced coffee.  It costs like nothing to make. 

OK, I shared.  I was social.  Your turn.

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  1. Ok, you asked for it!
    1) I'm amazed at how small the world really is and how 5 degrees of separation usually works. I've had 2 cases in the last week where friends of mine knew some of the same people I did and we didn't know it.
    2) I'm proud to be from Worms NE, population 19!!
    3) I get addicted to things easily.
    4) I check my e-mail and facebook everyday sometimes even hourly.
    5) I collect stuff. (See #3) I have collections of stamps, coins, sports cards, shot glasses, post cards, non-sports cards, toys, movies, music, patches and most recently autographs.
    6) I love my imagination. It fuels my passion for science fiction. I credit Star Wars... which is also a love of mine.
    7) I love Nebraska Cornhusker Football. Even the Bill Callahan years. I've met and talked with the last 4 head coaches.
    8) I hate e-mail forwards. I rarely read them and even more rarely forward them.
    9) I'm somewhat of a skeptic. I tend to not believe everything I hear. If it comes from reputable source, than that's fine.
    10) I really miss my college days. I would do anything to do it all over again.
    11) I love stand up comedy. My wife thinks I should give it a try sometime.
    12) I think what some call screwing and goofing around... others call stress relief.
    13) I try to keep an open mind whenever I can. I used to tell people not to knock things until you tried them.
    14) I can hold a grudge and find it hard to forgive.
    15) I love how the internet has reconnected me to so many people I've lost touch with as well as introduce me to new people. I met my wife on the internet.
    16) I've been on TV, the radio, in the newspaper and in several national magazines and it wasn't for committing a crime. :) It was usually for being a geek.
    17) I've held an office in all but 1 group or organization I've ever join since 1992.
    18) I've camped overnight on a sidewalk to see a movie during it's first showing so no-one could spoil it for me.
    19) Speaking of spoilers, I hate them. The only time I wasn't mad at hearing a spoiler was when Nick Gillard (the stunt coordinator from the last 3 Star Wars movies) demonstrated a lightsaber battle for me a few friends at Star Wars Celebration 3. That was just plain cool!!
    20) I volunteer for many causes and have raised thousands in fundraisers in the past year alone.
    21) I've ate at McDonalds in 3 different countries.
    22) I'm not a big pet person but have a dog and 4 cats. Anyone want a cat???
    23) I'm not normally political but I did meet and shake hands with President Obama.
    24) When I am involved with politics, I tend to vote issues rather than party lines.
    25) I want to return to Europe and see more. I've been to France and Germany but would love to backpack around the rest of Europe. I also want to go to Australia. My brother-in-laws wife is from there so it will happen some day as they are moving there in the future.