Saturday, July 16, 2011

Naturally Beautiful

I spend a lot of time at work waiting for the next emergency (and trying to ignore some of the people around me). And a good amount of that time is watching the scroll channel.  Most of the infomercials I don't mind. There silly or fluffy or just down right stupid. But one is just stuck in my craw.  Meaningful Beauty.  not so much for what the product does, its some kind face cream or something,  but for its name.
Why is beauty only meaning full if its external? Do our lives only have meaning if we are aesthetically pleasing?  Seriously the only way we are fully functioning members of society is if our faces are blemish free and smooth as a baby's butt? 
My meaning is not based on the perfection of my face. Which, by the by, isn't. I have eye crinkles. And laugh lines, which I earn daily. There are freckles, and scars, and remnants of sunburns past, and....... LIFE!  I have LIVED in this face, and in this body and gods damn it I won't erase that with some goop that comes in a little jar. I wear my life on this face.  And its a wonderful life. And a wonderful face.  This face is the one from which my children will learn what beauty really is. 
Beauty, real MEANINGFUL beauty is knowledge.  The knowledge that I am strong, and funny, and smart, and sexy, and confidant, and about a million different things that have nothing to do with the genetic placement of my facial bones. I am beautiful. Gorgeous. Hawt. Not because of my face, but because of how I face the world. 
And if i teach my children nothing else in this world, it will be that that is true for them as well. 


  1. Made me feel all happy inside :)

  2. "Not because of my face, but because of how I face the world."
    That's just a great, great line. I will try to remember that.
    I think I put a lot of effort into how I LOOK instead of how I LOOK (AT.) I guess I needed a good reminder today to concentrate on what's important.