Sunday, June 26, 2011

yoga in the moment

it's raining.  again.  so my usual (as of late) walk was a no go.  cause i'm just not committed to walk 2.8 miles in the rain with a toddler.  i'm a wuss like that.

i have to admit, i've let my yoga practice slide recently.  money has been tight, so there's no extra scratch for classes (my favorite is the bikram class at one tree yoga, it is DIVINE), and i know if i don't take a class, i do my "stand by" poses, and call it a day.  and that gets boring.  because boring equals no fun, equals 'oh i'll do it tomorrow', equals it never gets done at all.  so it's been a while since i've done a real practice.  so with no other prospects, yoga it is.

one of the yogic principals is to be in the moment.  if you're now here, or you're nowhere.  and nothing emphasizes that more than doing yoga with a toddler.  in four limbed staff mommy becomes a horse to ride.  downward dog is a bridge.  upward dog is where mommy gets kisses and loves (my new favorite pose).   it's being completely in the moment.  aware of not only what you are doing, but what is happening around you.

and it is really freeing.  with this practice i didn't just phone it in.  i was acutely aware of every stretch, every movement (you have to be when there is a 2 foot little man also using your mat, otherwise it could get messy). i was aware not only of what i was doing, but also of what bubby was doing.  he was doing yoga.

going from tadasana to urdhva hastasana bubby raised and lowered his arms right along with mommy.  triangle pose bubby twisted and bent just like me.  admittedly child pose was more of a 'lets jump on mommy' opportunity than i would have liked, but all in all, it was an awesome experience.  

one that i'm going to have to repeat more often.   


  1. I am going to have to try this...Aurora needs something to calm and center her.

  2. I hatelove doing my yoga practice with my kids. I have to be in a very clear space to patiently tolerate the "mama's a jungle gym" moments or I step off my mat agitated. But, those little moments when we practice together-ah, bliss!

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