Friday, June 3, 2011

Some of my best friends are Christian

OK, this is getting out of hand.  Now people are slinging around death threats.  For a blogging contest.

A.  Blogging.  Contest.

You read that right.  These good upstanding Christians have threatened to  KILL a pagan blogger.  Cause yeah, that's what Jesus would do.  "Hi, I don't agree with you so im going to have to kill you now." A-yep, that's Jesus for ya, the little scamp.  I'm not sure what went through your head when you read that statement, but I'll tell you what went through mine. 

THIS is why I'm no longer a Christian.

Now, thats a knee-jerk reaction.  And I have to follow it up by saying that the 'christians' that were talking about are a tiny sliver of a minority of the Christian population at large.  99.99% of the Christians I know and interact with are nothing but wonderful beautiful people.  They are my neighbors, my family, my friends, my 'crunchy mommas', and my co-workers.  My Christians are tollerant, and lovely, and I trust them with my life.  But its the 0.01% that's got me locking my doors and looking over my shoulder.

Because I'm not exactly in the broom closet. You know I'm a pagan, Facebook and twitter all know it. My blog is pretty much swimming in my faith. I'm not ashamed of who I am. I wear a pentigram. I have pithy Hipster pagan t-shirts. I'm not shy about discussing my faith with whoever asks. But death threats from Christian mommy bloggers seriously frightenes me.  Not so much for my own safety, because i can take care of myself (mentioned that i used to sword fight? And self defense? And still kick ass regularly?), but for my children. Are they going to grow up in a world where people think its OK to threaten to kill someone because they believe in something different?

Because these people, these godly women, are raising their children hate.  Its that simple.

And there is NOTHING Christian about that. 


  1. To quote:
    What part of Thou Shalt Not Kill did you assholes not understand?

    - Jesus MF Christ

  2. You just expressed what I was thinking's frightening.

  3. You know i was thinking about how all these mom bloggers talk about the cyberbullying and we got to kids the kids to quit bullying. Well it will never stop. Because of people like this. When adults can't quit bullying in their "maturity", how the hell can we expect kids to?

  4. I am so with you. With a lot of the politics that are happening across the country, and the level of clout that the really out there whack jobs are getting, I'm seriously debating about stockpiling against them like they are revenuers.
    @CoinsForCharon: /signed

  5. @CoinsForCharon - amen brother!!
    @SushiQ - hehehehehehehehe, isnt it??
    @Angela Exactly!!!!!!!
    @The Traveler - I've already started

  6. I'm sorry you were treated so poorly. No one deserves to be threatened of belittled ever.