Friday, February 11, 2011

developing a healthy little complex

so ive been reading lables, doing research, planing gardens (yes, plural) all in my attempt to put as little fake food and unpronouncable CRAP in my system as possible.

oartmeal for every brecky, home made from scratch fare each lunch and as many dinners as i can. ive cooked my little heart out. ive stayed up late packing lunches for work the next day. all in all, ive done everythimg that time, bugget, and sanity will allow.

i even made my own tarter sauce people. delish, btw.

and i have to say, its becoming routine. i dint crave jimmy johns whan everyone else in the office is getting it. and eating REAL food is starting to change my palate. real food tastes better, once you detox your taste buds.

it hasnt all been smooth sailing. last nights fish n chips was a 50/50. processed walmart fish sticks, pared with steak fries that went from potato to plate after a dip in boiling oil. complete with self made seasoning.

but the more i practice what i preach, the easier it gets. would help if i would remember to put stuff on the list when i run out. like the honey i need to make granola...


  1. Homemade chocolate syrup. That's all I'm saying.

    (Besides "yay, you!!")

  2. It ebbs and flows at our house, but weeks Like this where I have yet to cook dinner and ate fast food twice yesterday, I realize how much better real food tastes.

  3. I stopped eating fast food almost altogether in about the last six months to a year. I definitely have not had McDonald's. Did you know most of their appeal is the smell? I crave it from the smell, but the moment I eat it, it isn't the childhood I once remembered. You can taste the ick. Then I saw scary articles about the "nugget" paste they use and have to bleach, and an experiment involving leaving a burger and fries out for a long time (nothing changed other than they turned rock hard), and I decided I was done. Along with cutting sodas almost completely from my diet, I've lost weight, feel's awesome.

    So keep up that complex, love.