Saturday, February 12, 2011

im being stalked by jesus

so ive been noticing a weird trend in my tweet stream. im apparently being stalked by jesus. and an anti pornogrophy ring. and a money making plan that just requires a small investment of...

its all a little disconcerning.

i have nothing against jesus. hell of a guy. heard great things about him. and 99.999% of the christians i know are fabu people. its the ones that try to convert me through the anon gauze of the tweetaverse that are getting on my nerves.

i am happy in my path. i see no reason to look elsewhere. and, yes, i was BORN OK THE FIRST TIME. thank you. you can stop lurking in my stream now.

and while i dont follow them, they cant really enjoy reading my tweets. i curse. i complain and grouse about everything. im not a really plesant tweeter. funny, hells yeah. plesant, not so much. so im pretty sure with names like 'kids for christ', im not their bag.

personally, i use twitter as a sounding board for that ever random thought pops into my little head. moreso than facebook or even this blog. ask anyone who follows on both fb and twitter. im much less censored there. things and people that tend to annoy have their own hashtags. and the people that i follow are either people i KNOW, or ones that i am actually interesed in hearing what they have to say. im old school like that.

have we really become such a self obsessed society that ew expect everyone to hang on our every word? sadly, i think we have. just my two cents of course.

o ill admit, i follow a couple of celebrities. a couple of the firefly cast, some of the bsg cast. but thats just because im a massive geek. a. massive. geek. im under no delusions that these people want to hear ANYTHING i have to tweet.

so unless youre actually interested in what i have to say, dont follow me. think of me like @NathanFillion. stunning to look, at hillarious to read, but not connecting with you on this level of existance. (im sure hes a wonderful person, sweet to his friends, kind to animals, etc. but lets face it, hes a modern day god. but thats another post)


  1. So funny and so true. I don't think I'd mind being stalked by Jesus or Cap'n Tightpants *sigh* but the others? Yikes! And like you said, twitter is where all the random thoughts get posted (and you are quite funny) without delusion that anyone really cares when it comes down to it. And yes, the important things: he is so yummy to follow even though on a different level

  2. Lol, what Gaea said!

    It is super annoying that strangers feel it is their duty to "save" other people. Through Twitter!!!