Saturday, February 5, 2011

the "flexitarian" experiment

hubby and i have decided that we want to eat better.  we want to set a good example for Princess and Bubby, and if we just happen to loose some weight in the process... well that's just a skippy bonus, idn't it?  and since i'm a big ole crunchy momma i immediately went into research mode to look for made from scratch recipes, whole grains, as back to the  earth as i could make our new 'food lifestyle'.

i looked into becoming a vegetarian, but a) i've heard from multiple ex vegetarians that it isn't the healthy choice that it seems from the outside and b) there is no way on earth that i'm going to get mr beer-and-hot-wings-for-breakfast to become a vegan.  just not happening.

the next thing i found is 'flexitarian'.  and this one looks promising. basically flexitarian is eating meat, but only a limited amount.  maybe a serving a day.  this looks good to me.  so i'm thinking that were going to try this.  but i'm going to ease hubby into it.  beer and hot wings, remember?

so this two weeks is the easing in part.  i've already made most of the dinners for the next two weeks.  chili, ham and bean soup, mini meatloaves, pork chops...  the only thing i still have to do is roast about 10 pounds of potatoes.  and yes, i know there's a lot of meat in that above list.  easing in, remember?  this way we get used to eating only home cooked "i know everything that goes into anything i'm eating" food.

after this two weeks is up, then i'll work on more meatless meals.  like i said...  easing in


  1. If you need help, just let me know! DH eats a lot of meat still, but he's cut back a LOT in recent years, since we've moved in together and have been cooking meals together. It's a tough transition (and those ex-vegetarians are right in saying that vegetarianism isn't for everyone), but 100% worth it.

    At least, IMO. :)

  2. congrats on your decision and best of luck.

    when i met my husband 15 years ago, he was a steak eating mr beer and hot wings himself and i was a fairly strict vegetarian. over the years we've both eased up a bit and now we meet somewhere in the middle. the beauty of it is that it seems once you cut back on meat, you start to really lose a desire for it. my husband rarely eats a steak anymore and when he does he says it just doesnt bring him the joy it used to. he still loves his chicken wings though. :)