Sunday, February 13, 2011

dont you wish your girlfriend could cook like me.

i am a kitcheny witchy MACHINE! with the exception of two nights ago when we went to hooters, i have cooked every meal my family has eaten all week. mostly from scratch. i say mostly because of the fish sticks on fish n chips night.

so for the most part ive been in controll of everything thats gone into my body. ive known everything that ive consumed. no dyes, preservatives, no unpronouncables. and with the exception of my quesadilla with fries and blue cheese dressing (cause im an addict) from hooters, ive been cleansing myself from the inside out.

now, i noticed something about day 3. i got very sick, very quickly, of oatmeal and ham n bean soup. especially oatmeal. so i was forced to find new recipes. new ways to make this experiment doable. thank gods for the internet.

as breakfast was the biggest issue, i tackled that first. had some great (and not so great) granola recipes. yes, some of them called for HFCS (i flat out refuse to call it corn sugar. i have pride), but not all. i finally chose one i could modify, as im not a big fan of dried cranberries or rasins. i simply left them out.

i cooked it up last night, and i have to say that its damn good. like good enough that ill be making this weekly. if not more. i can see hubby and princess gorging themselves on this.

the next hurdle is dinner. because i am so sick of ham n bean soup that i could puke... ham n bean soup. theres a recipe for clam chowder on spoonfedblog that id like to try, but itll have to wait till payday. hubby loves seafood.

mmmmmmm, seafood...

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