Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Im a what now?

Its taken a little longer than expected to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Technically its a second choice, as "Lottery Winner" is a bit harder a bracket to get into than originally anticipated.

I'm a fiber artist. I crate beautiful, sometimes functional works of art.  My raw materials are wool and linen.  Cotton and silk. Sometimes, they are stand alone objects. Sometimes they require a human body to showcase their beauty.

I love sewing. I love taking something as two dimensional as a length of silk and turn it into a three dimensional sculpture. It makes me happy to see the finished product and know that I created that. That something I made can turn someone into a completely different person, if only for a short time. 

Needle felting is also becoming a new favorite. I'm just at the beginning stages of learning this medium , but so far I'm in love with it.  Its 3D sculpture in wool.  And its amazing the level of detail you can accomplish.  Ive got an idea about a series of needle felted sculptures of anatomically correct body organs.  Yes, I'm aware I'm a little weird.

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