Thursday, February 21, 2013

I want to be a pretty pretty princess

I got this pattern at Hancock for a dollar.  As you can see, I've already started sketching on it.  I'm going to make a Belle costume.  Yes, the Disney princess.  In an ideal world it will be for PlanetComiCon in Kansas City this April.  I'm a little excited about it.  I'm thinking yellow silk organza, cream silk accents, antique lace, svartski (or how ever the hell you spell it) crystal beading. 

I'm going to have to make quite a few changes to the pattern.  The sleeves are all wrong, the neckline needs to be reworked, and there will have to be several overlays of fabric draped in the skirt.  I may even add the bows.

And blood.  Lots and lots of blood. 

Because to make a regular ole Disney princess is just about as boarding as hell.  And everything is better zombified. 

(yes, I will post progress)

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