Sunday, August 21, 2011

Im having a little itty bitty crisis of faith

I have always identified myself with Norse gods and Greek godesses.  Always.  I never even really looked into the Norse goddesses, just because I identified so much with the Greek ones.  I first became enamored or Artimes, then later when it was time to choose a patron goddess, Persephonie was the right fit for me.  There was something that was just so right about the love story between her and Hades.
But more and more ive been thinking of Frigg, the Norse mother goddess.  she is the wife of Odin (my patron god) and the patroness of mothers, wives, and homemakers.  And she's been kind of knocking on my door loud and clear of late. For all my posturing of being a 'modern woman' I love being a wife and mother.  I love cooking for my family. I even like sweeping (custom broom) and mopping (shark steam mop, best. invention. evar!!!).  So you can see how shed be right up my alley.  But its not just the hearth and home aspect.  She was also a 'natural magick' proponent. She didn't try to use potions and encantations to change the world, she used her own natural intuition and intelligence to guide her followers.  I kinda love that.  Not to mention that she was also fiercely equal with her husband Odin.  There are just so many aspects of Frigg that I resonate with. 
I don't know if its because ive 'grown as a person' (oh how I hate that phrase) or if my time with P has just run its course.  But with P it was always about the love story.  Every aspect of my relationship with her has related to her love of her husband.  Even the "do what you know is right even when everyone else tells you its wrong" bits.  And to be honest, Frigg kind of covers that too. 
So i think tonight I'll be opening a bottle of wine, lighting a fire, and looking for some answers.  Im pretty sure I'll have an answer by morning.


  1. I have always been drawn to the energy that Frigg represents. As a person who relies heavily on my intuition and knowledge to guide me, much more so than magic, and I have never been one for rituals and spells and all that stuff...she appeals to me.

    So is that Shark Mop worth the money? I have been eyeballing one pretty hard...

  2. yes, the shark is totally worth it. i love my shark steam mop. use it every chance i get