Saturday, August 6, 2011

i'm a bad pagan

i missed lughnessa this year.  completely passed without celebration.  forgot all about it.  i'm a bad pagan.  i'm the pagan equivalent of the 'christmas and easter' christian.  though i guess that would make me a 'yule and candalmass' pagan.  that has a nice ring to it actually.

I'd like to be a more active pagan.  practicing with someone else would give me the kick in the butt that i need to celebrate all the holidays, not just the major ones.  but i've got two major things going not so much in my favor.  1) i'm not a Wiccan and 2) my pantheon is both Norse and Greek.  so i'm not at home, really, with the heathens, or with the...  well, i forgot what the Greek gods worshippers are called.  i think it starts with a d.  not that they wouldn't make me feel welcome, they would.  but it's still not the same.

my problem is that i get do caught up in my everyday life - laundry, cooking, bubby and hubby, basic running of the household.  did i mention laundry? - that i tend to let my more spiritual side slide.  hells, i haven't been able to keep my yoga practice steady, let alone my spiritual practice.

the weather hasn't exactly helped me out either.  it's been either raining buckets, or so hot and humid that you can't breathe outside, let alone meditate.  so spending a little quality time in nature, to be able to talk to the gods is a little more than difficult.  we've only grilled out once this year, so even the simple act of leaving an offering on the altar just doesn't happen.

i think i can honestly say that the only time in the last three months that i've been able to have any kind of 'spriitual time' is the little bits i get when i'm tidying up the house and when i do the big weekly cleansing of the kitchen.

which in itself is a little weird since my patron goddess is Persephone.  but there's obviously quite a little bit of Hestia in there too.

though, if we're being totally honest here, and since it's just you and me...

i do have kind of a spiritual experience when i'm RPG-ing and when i'm on the xbox.  but that is completely a Norse/Odin-esque 'kill-em-all-let-the-Valkyries-sort-em-out' side of my pantheon.  but then again, i'm playing a double axe wielding dwarf warrior who kicks major butt, so that could just be good role play.  though i suspect it's more than that.

the next major celebration is samhain.  and i WILL be going all out for that one.  i've even got a pintrest folder all set up for it.  what i haven't decided is if i'm just going to decorate and hand out candy, or go full blown party with a circle and bonfire.

i'm kinda leaning that way


  1. You know, it's not the holidays that make religion run, it's all those unadorned and unnoticed days in between them. Not that i'm perfect at it either, but I find my connection to the Gods suffers not from missing holidays, but from missing the wonder in the everyday things.

  2. If you can't make it to the holidays with ritual, why not be a simple everyday Pagan instead?

  3. I also missed Lughnasadh thanks to everyday life getting in the way (those babies do tend to demand your time and brain power).

    I try and nod at the Festivals but to me being Pagan is about the everyday connection we make to the Divine in the world and to those around us.

    Amusingly, my word verification was 'Bearcult'