Saturday, August 13, 2011

But im gettng a lot a lot accomplished

It is exactly 376 days until the next Star Wars convention. So of course the exercise/diet plan is in full effect at our house*. There has been lots of baked chicken, bushels of brown rice, and fields of veggies consumed. I've even made from scratch red beans and rice twice, HUGE pots of it.  which is good, because I love the stuff.  And its totally stoking my 'real food' obsession.  so, you know, bonus.  And the hubbs has been out almost every day in the last two weeks at the gym with a friend of ours.

Which is weird.

Not that he's been going to the gym (cause, yay, hotness hubby), but because he's been gone. Every. Day. See, the nature of our entire relationship, we've never spent a lot of time apart. And when i say 'a lot of time' im talking hours. So its a strange thing to be spending so much time apart. Call me co-dependant, but I like spending that much time with him.  Silly me.  (Don't get me wrong, I love love love that he's getting all buff and hot. I don't want him to give it up. Its just a big change.)

So bubby and I have had a lot of time our hands. We've taken long walks (3.5 miles is the current record), watched more Elmo than I think is strictly nessassairy for my own sanity, and done.... stuff.  I've primed the bathroom to get ready to paint, no small feat considering that the bathroom was a dark dark red. I'm pretty sure that im going to be putting up shelves in there. I've moved (again) my studio, and reorganized it. Painted bubbys new toddler bed.  And caught up on laundry mountain. Just basicly doing things by myself for the first time in..... years.

Now, this should be where I say something enlightened like 'we are allowing ourselves to grow as a couple by growing as individuals' or some other pithy crap like that.  and I suppose that could be the case, we very well might. To be honest, probably will.  But right now its just getting used to a whole diffent way of living. Not bad, not good.  Just diffent. 

And this is a good way to ease into next Feb when there is a shift change at work and hubby and I are on different shifts.  So its not so bad.

*if you don't understand why diet and exercise would be ramped up in relation to a Star Wars convention... 'the Princess Leia Spectrum'.  Someone will inevitably wear a costume that is not appropriate for their body type. You do not want to be that person. Pictures will be taken. You will be on the internet. Not in a good way.  I'm all for accepting your body but please people, for the good of us all, if you want to wear a particular costume, make are you can wear a particular costume.


  1. Have to make an amendment. He hasn't been at the gym every day. Its been a combo of gym and busyness. Hubby wants to make that clear in case his gym buddy thinks that a) he's being gym-cheated on or b) I'm being cheated on. Hoe that clears it up.

  2. Good luck! This is inspiring to read about all the healthy changes.

    And you amendment is hysterical, especially that final word (er, typo??)