Monday, June 28, 2010

so i'm trying out new ways to save money.  my goal is to save enough so that i can become a stay at home mom.  i ACHE to be a sahm.  i blame it on maternity leave.  i work for the county, and just about the only real benefit that we get is ridiculously long maternity leave.  seriously, my leave was almost worth the pregnancy (not the baby, i love my manchild but some people like being pregnant and those people are insane).  i relished my maternity leave.  manchild even had colic and i loved my time off of work. 

but saving money...  not as easy as one would think.  in a lot of ways, hubby and i have pared down a lot of 'stuff' down to it's barest essentials. 

cable?  don't have it.  not even anteni service.  for us, it's cheaper to buy a bluray or two a month than what we were spending on cable. 

car payment? we only have one.  the manvan is paid in full, and when that happy day that "goldie" is paid off, she's not getting replaced unless she's falling apart.

gas?  we do spend a fair amount on gas, but we do our shopping trips in clumps so there are no unnecessary trips to 'pick something up real quick'. and if the weather is nice, hubby rides his motorcycle to and from work, and that thing gets crazy-good gas mileage.  (and honestly, with bp raping our gulf coast, it's not like we can control the price we have to pay in gas)

honestly, the one place you'd think we can scrape a little extra savings is food.  but not so much.  healthy food is expensive.  a bowl of super-processed mac n cheese costs the same as an apple.  for the price of the smallest bowl of mixed fruit, you could buy three frozen dinners.  frozen dinners that are pumped so full of chemicals that honestly, you won't decompose after you die.  seriously.  people aren't decomposing like they used to.  mrs b. told me. 

honestly, working full time, and having a garden that was DESTROYED by the summer storms...  its hard to find good priced, healthy food. 

i need to spend more time around judgmntlhippy.  she'll show me the ropes.


  1. Are house is in the same boat. Sounds like we even do the same sorts of things to save. Pretty soon, entertainment will be come over and play cards in home made candle light. LOL!

  2. i gots the cards if you gots the candles!