Monday, June 21, 2010

a nifty little update

today is Litha.  I'll most likely celebrate in a pretty low key way, assuming that the rains hold off.  at the very most i'll light up a couple of lots in the fire pit, but i'll probably just light a couple of candles and sit on the couch for a Firefly marathon.  had friends over saturday for a min-celebration and a bonfire, so that was fun.

finally upgraded my compost bin.  admittedly 'upgrade' is a bit...  fancy... of a term. i went from the super crappy trash can system to the slightly less crappy hardware cloth fency thingy system.  yes, fency thingy is a technical term.

i guess i just didn't realize how well the trashcan  system was working until i emptied out the compost into the new bin.  i had some awesome compost! i, of course, have no way to use it till next year, but dang it was cool. one unforeseen problem of the hardware cloth system is keeping the creeper weeds out of the compost bin.  the last thing i need in my back yard is HEALTHIER weeds.  but i'm pretty sure that as long as i keep an eye on it, i can get it under control.

the garden is getting along well.  though i realized that if i had to survive on what i've plated so far a) i would starve and b) i would be the stinkiest corpse ever.  i will have onions upon onions, some garlic, and more blue potatoes than i think we'll be able to eat. (the novelty of blue potatoes will last exactly 1 1/2 meals with princess)

and as far as self sustainability goes, cheese making..... epic fail.  i got a kit with which i am supposed to learn to make my own cheese.  i've either done something horribly worn, or omaha's water system is chlorinated.  possibly both.  either way the cheese gods are not leased.  i will of course be trying again, probably right after pay day.  because lets face it, i can't NOT know how to do something.

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