Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coming out of the Broom Closet

this blog post has been a long time coming.  and some people will say "and...?" while others will think i've lost my mind (and probably never speak to me again).

I'm not a christian.

or jewish, or muslim.  I'm not a member of the 'big three'.  and in a world where it's taken for granted that you are at the very least a 'christmas and easter' christian, this is no small admission.

now don't get me wrong... I've read the bible (good book, bummer of an ending, no room for a sequel).  christianity, if it works for you, is a great system.  it's full of love, brotherhood, and forgiveness. however, it's also filled with hate, persecution, and misogyny.  but honestly i think that is more what's been done in the name of Christ than what's actually in the book itself.  and i like jesus.  he was a great man.  but a man he was.  his teachings have become so twisted that i don't see how they are even close to what they originally meant.  

judiasm and islam?  honestly,  i never even gave these a shot.  i just don't like how women seem to be portrayed.  however, i'm not a wiccan either.  i belong to no coven, i'm not a strictly goddess worshiper.  i'm more about balance.  i'm purely solitary.  i prefer to call myself a pagan (actually, my favorite term is 'tree hugging dirt worshiper', but that only looks good on a bumper sticker).  yes it's a catch all term, but it's really the one that fits me best.

personally (and remember, this is just me, what i believe), it's all about duality.  why should the divine be any different?  male/female.  yin/yang.  good/bad.     god/goddess.  i believe in both.  for me, there is not one god but many, and all are parts of the great divine. 

there.  i said it.  i 'came out'.

like i said, to some people this comes as no new information.  and there will be some that "kinda thought" but didn't want to ask.  and then.....  lets just say that it won't be the first bible that has been left on my doorstep or near my desk at work.  and i'm ok with that.


  1. Yes, and those huge books actually make good makeshift tables for TV dinners (re: bible). (^v^)

  2. i'm thinking of turning them into a lamp when i get enough

  3. Great post! I love it!! And agree....if you had any doubts....