Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Self Sustainability Takes it in the Shorts

I am by nature a fairly law abiding person. running red lights doesn't count, no one was looking. so when i decided i wanted to be able to grow produce all year, i called my local extension office to find out what i needed to do to get a simple greenhouse, i was thinking something along the lines of 8X8, (with no water or electricity hooked up to it) up and running.

big mistake.

a permit is required. a permit. there is a minimum fee of $41 for the permit. i have to provide three copies of the plans as well as a detailed map of the possible location in relation to my property lines. it will take an average of three weeks to go through the planning committee. i will "probably' have to get the structure inspected (at mt cost). all for a structure that can literally be picked up by four strong guys with the promise of beer.

screw it. im building cold frames and im not telling a damn soul.

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