Monday, May 3, 2010

The garden is mostly done. now, when i say that, i lie. it's not even close. but every thing that's an actual plant and not a seed, is in dirt. most of it in pots of course, the garden itself is damn close to being overgrown, but i can't really get out there to weed at the moment. speaking of the foot...the manchild is having a hard time adjusting to not being moby'd ever day. i can't wait till my foot is better and i can moby him all the time again. i miss that closeness.

i'm very proud of myself. i brought home a microwave meal box for recycling. of course my goal for this week is to not buy ANY pre-packaged meals. i want to make all my lunches for work, and even eat at home for all dinners this week. that way there's less waste to be pitched.

on the witchy front, my "butter warmer" arrived. i can start making magical oils here soon. i can't wait. i think the first thing i'm going to make is a healing oil. i know a lot of people that can use it at the moment. healing vibes are in pretty short supply. one thing i know will help with the healing is that i'm supposed to be getting my first level of reiki this month. i've done a lot of energy work before, and i think that reiki will be a good fit for me.

ok, you're up to speed.

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