Thursday, April 29, 2010

poor manchild. he hasn't been moby'd in over 24 hours. i had foot surgery yesterday, and am on crutches for the next few days. and somehow i'm thinking the moby and crutches are a trip to the ER just waiting to happen.

i'm going to be taking some new pics for the blog this week. or would that just be 'taking some pictures'? my profile pic now is from my facebook. i want to show off the garden, the troll army, compost bin. you know, the basics.

beltane is coming up this week. i'm thinking of having a few friends over to have a fire pit bonfire. i obviously won't be jumping over it, but it'll still be fun. i've got my black salt almost ready to sprinkle on the borders of the yard. will probably need a little help with that one seeing as i can't really carry the jar and walk at the same time. the hubby will probably help out.

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