Thursday, May 13, 2010


I got off work today, rushed home to my baby. my father is cool enough to watch the manchild in the time between when hubbs goes to work, and when i get home. it's not every day, but it's enough to make life way easier in the VNH household. and for once when i walk in the door, manchild is still sleeping (he'd been quite fussy today and didn't get his naps in). so i took this gift of time to do something i haven't done since manchild was born...


i'm a huge fan of yoga. but i haven't kept a regular practice since i got pregnant. up till then i'd been doing bikram (hot) yoga and that's just not do-able while preggo. i'd meant to keep a 'flow' practice going, but i was so miserable while pregnant, that i just didn't.

but today....ahhhh, today. i popped my favorite barron baptiste dvd in and just stayed in the moment. my butt was kicked, i was dripping sweat, but it was the most calm and centered i've been in.... a year. i'm fully planing on keeping up the practice, even if it's just a sun salutation a day.

and on that healing/positive energy vibe, i'm getting my first level in reiki tomorrow. i can't wait!!!!!

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