Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh Compost, My Compost

i love compost. there's something about taking stuff that you were just going to throw out anyway and turning it into what is ultimately the most useful thing you can bring into your garden. i'ts one of those things that completely satisfies my inner hippy.

my compost bin however, really kind of sucks.

i'm currently using the trash can method of composting. i'm sure it's a perfectly valid method. i just don't think it's a good fit for me. so i've been researching different methods of composting to see which will will work best. and i have to say, i'm leaning towards the "pile" system. composting takes longer there, but hay, it was taking forever with the trash can method anyway. (to be honest, i'm not sure i really set it up right to begin with)

the only problem i foresee in putting in a compost pile is, were not going to live at this house forever. i'm hoping not to even live here a couple of years from now. so do i put in the pile and hope that the next people to live in the house are as big of hippies as i am, or do i just keep working with my crappy trash can?

and while were talking about yard stuff, here are is a pic of the garden. told you i needed to weed.....

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