Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Pagan Coming Out Day

Today is NPCOD. And i just didn't make a big deal about it this year. Not that I don't think its important to show support for those who are thinking of coming out of the broom closet, but because I don't think there is a single person that I know that doesn't understand that I am a Pagan.  I'm as out as you can be without just going up to strangers and asking if they've heard the word of Odin.  And i won't do that because its creepy.  My multiple Christian friends are as aware of my Heathen faith as I am of theirs.  And to their credit not even one of them has tried to 'convert' me. Most people I know are mostly kind and tolerant.  Those that are not are not among my friends. 

But more than that, I think the reason I'm not pushing the NPCOD banner is because what others think of my faith is ....  well, meaningless really.  It one of many aspects of my life, and to be honest, worrying about what others tho of me just isn't really on my radar. I have other things to occupy my mind.  Children, mortgage, police chases careening trough my house. (No I'm still not reach to let that go)  I love who and what I am.  And I'm sure my gods love me too.

And that's all that really matters. 

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