Wednesday, March 7, 2012


we've been playing around with food here at the Hippy Household, and here is one of my new favorite recipes.... Guaco-Taco:

2 avocados
2 roma tomatoes
1tbl Cajun seasoning
1tsp lemon juice
1c cooked brown rice - cold
4 taco shells

mash up the avocados, dice the tomatoes.  mix the two together and add the lemon juice and seasoning.  mix in the brown rice and stuff into the taco shells.

that's it.  you're done.  it's really easy, super tasty, and best of all, the only thing you don't make yourself is the taco shells (unless you make your own taco shells, then i tip my hat to you).

i made these as an experiment the other day as a way to use up the last of my home made guacamole, and was really super pleased with the results.  

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