Saturday, February 25, 2012

essential oil blends

Last time I blogged abut lotions and balms. And there awesome. But the basic recipes are just that.  Basic. Wonderful to use, yes, but somewhat lacking in the 'oomph' department. So how do you up the wow factor?

Essential oils.

EO's have a huge list of benefits. So many that I'm not even going to get into it here.  Just Google it, and you'll get more than enough information.  Just remember, fully research the oils you use! Some shouldn't be used topically, and some should not be used by some people at all (pregnant women, etc).

Here are some of my favorite oil blends:


   3 drops lavender

   2 drops sandalwood


   2 drops lavender

   3 drops frankesence

   3 drops jasmine

Drawing Love

   3 drops rose

   3 drops lavender

   1 drop vanilla

Troubled Mind

   2 drops Rosemary

   2 drops eucalyptus

   2 drops myrr

   2 drops sandalwood


   1 drop lime peel

   1 drop lemon

   2 drops rose

   2 drops lavender

Belly Bump

   1 drop rose

   1 drop lavender

Feel free to experiment with your own blends, just remember to do your research!

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