Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sarcastic Sunday - Crunchy Confessions

there seems to be a small number of people in the natural community that love to be 'crunchier than thou'.  so i'm going to set the record strait.  you are much more of a hippy than i am.  you just are.  and here is why:

tonights dinner is made from a box.
i'm not sure that the meat we're adding to said box was humanely killed.
in fact i'm pretty sure that it wasn't.
my walk today.... Bubby was in a stroller.
the felt i've used to make Bubby's hand made busy books was not 100% recycled.
i throw away toilet paper tubes.
my milk is regular whole milk.  
i drink diet pepsi.
i buy organic foods - some times.
i shop at walmart.
i don't own a bike.
Bubby wears disposable diapers.
i consistently forget my re-usable bags.
i have been known to knit things that are not made of wool.
i let my subscription to Mother Earth News expire.
try as i might, i HAVE to shampoo my hair at least every other day.
my last tube of lipstick was probably not cruelty free.
i haven't put my raised garden beds together, though i have all the stuff to do it.
my lawn mower is a gas powered, black smoke spewing, monstrosity of an antique.

so see?  i said it.  you can rest easy.  there is at least SOMEONE that is less crunchy than you.

**no, this isn't aimed at anybody.  it started as a random thought that popped into my head and i wen't with it.  so no, i'm not being made to feel bad or anything.  you're good.**


  1. I know that feeling. It's actually a substantial part of why I'm considering leaving a local crunchy parenting board.

  2. So, so, so agree! I didn't want to post on Facebook that Q had pneumonia because I would have gotten a ton of responses not to put her on antibiotics, try chiro, colloidal silver, etc. and the shock and horror that I dare treat her 105 degree fever with Motrin and not egg whites to the feet....

    1. i firmly believe that while natural remedies are wonderful, dammit, science sometimes wins!!!

  3. I think you get an E for effort cause at least you try more than most people. And I always feel like such a failure when I forget my reuseable bags at the grocery store. But then I look at it like as I'm stocking up on kitty litter scoopin bags.

  4. I don't know... I think everyone sort of feels this way. I know I do. I have good intentions, but whatever... some days and things are just what they are and I do what I can as I can. I totally think that's more than some and less than others. And I'm ok with that.

  5. Oh mommies. I think it happens to anyone in general, not just the crunchies. You know how people can be negative or self-righteous at times (intentionally or not). As they say, think before you click. I wish people were kinder and work towards a happier world (exaggerating now)! Let's just think that they meant good.

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