Monday, August 13, 2012

Shire Pie

so i was looking for my Lembas recipe, like you do.......

what, you don't have a recipe for Lembas????  that's just crazy talk.  anywho, i couldn't find it, so i googled Lord of the Rings recipies, and came upon this GEM of a website, .  it not only has a recipe for Lembas that is better than the one i already had,  but it has a TON of other recipies.....  including Rosie's Shire Pie.

now, Hubular has been asking for a Sheppard Pie for a while now.  and i haven't done it.  because....  well, i have no good reason.  i just didn't do it.  but i saw this recipe and i was intrigued.  real food?  check.  LOTR based?  check.  something that the love of my life has asked for anyway?  YEP!!!  so i made it today.

after a quick stop at the store for supplies (like chicken stock, don't judge me), i was ready to start.  ......

once again, i used my best friend Helga Marquis de Kitchenaid to mix up the crust, and my trusty Knights of Cast Iron Frying Pan for the filling.  it turned out beautifully.  the crust is buttery and moist, it has a good mouth feel, the filling is rich without going overboard..  all in all, wonderful.

sadly, Blogger is frakking up, and won't let me add pictures, so i can't SHOW you how awesome it turned out.  if i can update this later with pictures, i will.  

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