Tuesday, September 27, 2011

this isn't a throw away post, i promise

ok, it's kind of a throw away, in that it's just a quick recap because i've been 'busy' again.  or still.  or whatever.

broke my toe.  horrible and gross pictures on facebook/twitter/google+.  we'll just cut to the chase and say that i hate baby gates.  there evil.  they won't be happy till i'm dead.  or zombified.  i'm not sure that they care which.  THAT'S how evil they are.  i'm so very very happy that we are coming to the end of the baby gate stage.  i'll take them all out in the back yard and put them in the bonfire.  i wanna watch them burn.

NaBloWriMo  starts in just a few days.  i really really hope that this year i don't have another 'hay look a bunny' post.  but lets face it.  i probably will.

Omaha Witch Walk is going really well.  we have a date and time, and even a place to start and finish.  just a few more phone calls and i'll be ready for big announcements.

had a fairly religious/spiritual experience at the gym the other day.  i'm not going to go into details, but it was awesome and wonderful, and just totally confirmed that i'm on the right path right now.  it's very exciting and squee worthy.  it almost makes up for the broken toe/i want to burn all the baby gates thing.  ok, it totally makes up for it.  it. was. awesome.

ok, think you're all caught up for the moment.  

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