Wednesday, September 7, 2011

stick it to da barista!

i don't know about you, but i love fall.  the changing of the leaves, the comfy sweaters and boots, and the coffee.  yes, i am a coffee addict.  i'd go to a meeting, but there all held at $tarbuck$.  and i don't have the kind of scratch that my coffee addiction requires.  $4-5 a coffee (several coffees a day) is just a weeeeeeeeeee bit out of my price range.  so with a little patience and a lot of research i've come up with a list of what i consider to be the best resources for making your own fru-fru coffee at a fraction of the price.

cause if you can't afford it, fake it.
this site gives you excellent step by step instructions on how to fake a frappuccino. it's just the beginning of September, so we may have a few more hot days where this will be just what the doctor ordered.
pumpkin pie white hot chocolate.  the name says it all.  i want a cup now.  like NOW! lets get on that ok!
if you've never made coffee syrup before, this site is a great resource. you make a huge batch ahead of time, with very little effort. all you have to do is heat up your portion when you're ready, and boom, awesome coffee faster than fast.  and it's good too!  seriously, you can't tell the difference from the expensive stuff.
here's another great iced coffee resource. and pretty super simple too.
this is a list on my list.  but it's an awesome list.  it gives you fakes of every $tarbuck$ recipe you can think of.  and not just the drinks, the food too.
this is the creme de la creme.  pumpkin spice syrup.  this is what makes the pumpkin spice late so damn wonderful.  i don't think i'll be stopping with coffee.  i'm thinking ice cream.

so that's the list.  it's by no means comprehensive, and i'm sure there are some other wonderful fakes out there.  and if so, please share.  also, i tired to get permission from each of the websites to link to their posts, but no one answered me, so if one of these sites is yours and you don't want it on my blog, please let me know, i'll take it down.

enjoy your coffee everybody

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