Tuesday, July 13, 2010

50 things i want

Methodist bills paid
Self sufficient garden
A job i love and pays well
A happy healthy family
New windows
New siding
Fix up the house to sell
Buy a house with land
Be able to feed ourselves from our land
Be a SAHM as much as possible
Homeschool Bubby
Eat as unprocessed as possible
Exercise every day
Teach Bubby a good work ethic
Teach Bubby to be active each day
Be a yoga teacher
Be a massage therapist
Be a healer
Make beautiful costumes
Write my book
Publish it
Have a studio
Loose the weight i need to be healthy
Be strong
Be self sufficient
Teach Bubby and Bugsy to be strong and self sufficient
Truly relax
Have animals
Stay in love
Cook wonderful meals
Bake amazing goods
Make people happy
Remember the Rede
Learn to make jelly
Learn to can food
Meditate more regularly
Do rituals/sabbats/esbats more regularly
Be more organized
Start a yoga/artist/meditation co-op
Have my own "mancation"
Be a good example
Teach Bubby and Bugsy not to care what other people think about them
Make beer
Make wine
Make mead
Get my tattoos
Cut my hair
Laugh every day
Cry as little as possible
Always be in awe of nature

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