Saturday, December 7, 2013

rome wasn't built in a day

i have a plan.  a very specific 1-2 year plan on a complete health overhaul.  the ultimate plan is to go gluten free, dairy free, organic, grass fed animals, real fat, real food, and daily yoga (and hopefully get my yoga teacher certification too).  and this plan isn't just for me, but for my family too.  it' going to take a couple of years to get everything done.  this is something i want to really excel at, so small changes.  take today for example, instead of getting the microwave breaded chicken nuggets at the store, i got a bag of frozen chicken breasts.  i baked them and gave them to Bam for lunch.  yes, he fussed a bit (he doesn't like new food), but he still ate them.  and i can feel better about giving it to him.  admittedly, it was commercial chicken, and i'm not really happy about that, but it's a small step.  

the path is forged with small steps.  

for starters, i'm slowly ditching processed food.  the chicken nugget for chicken breast is the first step.  today was cooking day, so i made a big ole pot of potato soup, and i'll take those to work for the next week.  BOOM, instant fast food, and it's saving me money since i don't have to buy my lunch every day.  

once the processed food addiction is kicked, i'm going to phase out dairy.  now, i love cheese, so this is going to be particularly difficult.  i love cheese.  cheese and sour cream.  and yogurt.  if i could fry a mix of cheese and sour cream and yogurt i would live on that for the rest of my life.  which admittedly wouldn't be long.  

after that is the gluten.  i love bread almost as much as i love cheese, and there is gluten in almost  EVERYTHING, so i'm really not looking forward to this.  i know this has to be done.  we as humans weren't meant to eat wheat or drink cow milk, and we haven't evolved enough to digest it properly.  so they gotsta go.  

daily yoga is just something that i want.  i feel more centered when i practice every day.  my body feels like my own.  my muscles respond so much better when they are regularly stretched.  so keeping a daily practice is a no-brainer.  and if i'm going to be perfectly honest, i've made a commitment to myself and to Odin.  i vowed that someday (i left it open ended so there wasn't a time frame attached) i would be able to get into crow pose.  crow pose scares me.  scares the life out of me.  and i will keep at it until i get it.  i have to.  vows are important.  this isn't something that i can walk away from.  

four small steps.  it doesn't seem so unobtainable when i see it written down.  but i know it's huge.  huge.  this is my life huge.  i can do it.  

i think i can i think i can i think i can 

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