Saturday, December 21, 2013

no more new years resolutions

i make them every year.  i never keep them more than a couple of months.  no one does really.  i mean, how many times have you looked into the windows of a gym on january 15th and seen it packed, just to do the same thing on march 15th to see it empty?  resolutions don't last.  you can resolve to do whatever you like, but that doesn't mean you have the willpower to stick it out.  I'm sorry, but it's true.  i know i don't have the willpower most of the time.  seriously, the only resolution I've ever stuck with is to be amazing.  and lets face it, that one isn't hard to keep.

so this year (and I'm thinking of making it a tradition), instead of a list of resolutions, I'm making a list of knitting.  I'm blogging it here so i can keep you all posted (i know how you worry), and this way i can also look back and see what projects i have yet to do. so here is my list of new year knitting along with links, but no pictures, because I'm lazy and about to go have our christmas with the hubbs family.

     most can be found on ravelry, and some i got in the Jane Austen Knits i just picked up

Sweet Home Socks
Bandanna cowl
Lady Violet's Dinner Gauntlets
Most Sensible Bonnet
Love - Loyalty Pin Ball
Northanger Pelisse
Dumbledore's Smoking Hat
the Griffendor Cami

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