Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beer and Yoga

my yoga practice has been suffering.  like painful, teary suffering.  but i bought a headband today to keep my frizzy, humidity driven hair out of my face, and once i got my hair out of my eyes, i saw my yoga mat in the corner.  it looked so sad that i just had to do a sun salutation.


but that sun salutation turned into another.  and tree pose.  then triangle.  another sun salutation with cat/cow thrown in.  and child pose.  table top.  lying twist.  and shavasana.  oh how i love shavasana.  it's kinda fun to feel every vertebrae click into place.  makes ya feel alive.  

and i now realize just how much i missed my yoga practice.  and how much i need it.  my (not inconsiderable) muscles just FEEL better when they are stretched.  i feel more centered.  more like myself.  my awesome, awesome self.

so i've made a deal with my awesome, awesome self.  

a little back story here.....  i love pumpkin beer.  ok, i'll be honest, i love pumpkin ANYTHING!  but i especially love pumpkin beer.  and now that it's available (damn seasonal beers, i curse you.  a pox on your family) i've started stocking up.  but i'm not going to let myself have one until i've done at least a sun salutation, a balance, an inversion, and a twist pose.  this way i can give myself a reward until the act of the yoga becomes a habit, rather than an inconvenience.  so send good yoga thoughts.

and send beer.  

lots and lots of beer.  

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  1. Hi Heather,
    That sounds like a good plan! :)
    On the topic of yoga and beer, I think you may enjoy this article, so I'd like to share:
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    namaste, my lady!