Monday, September 16, 2013

Ren Fest - photo heavy. really heavy

I love going to KC Ren Fest.  we go every year.  it's amazing.  we have such a good time.

here are a couple pictures from this year so far.

mad jack and pumpkin seeds

aunt jo

shy bam and mommy

mad jack getting ready to attack

mad jack and barbossa

the first mermaid

second mermaid

third mermaid in water

Knottical Vessels.  pirate central.  where we all hang out when we're there

camera shy Jenna is camera shy

Barbossa and 10

Barbossa and 10, again.

Bam took this picture.  

also took this picture of daddy

hanging out

jumping around

it was highland games weekend.  yummy.


more Knottical Vessles

the Horn Guy

awesome little scottsman

Bam and Lois

ice cream cookie

is a little messy

but delish.

Lizzard and Lois

Lois and Daddy


best.  onesie.  ever

bam started joining random groups of people to chat

playing with new friends

more friends

so cute

"mommy, i'm happy"

he kept trying to "work" at Uncle Wildman's shop

these guys were so awesome with Bam.  

they were amazing

even sword fought

all his new friends

Capt'n Jack Marrow

Mad Jack and Capt'n Jack

filled with attitude ;)

Uncle Wildman

the Jester

the monster cannibal spider

the other monster spider.  i thought it was going to kill me

Uncle Jeremy and Mad Jack

shy Jenna is still shy

fire dancers

really awesome fire dancing

the amazing Goldtooth pottery, giving Bam a tattoo

Pirate Phil


"back stage" with some of the actors

my feet by the end of the day.  i think i need a pedicure.

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