Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i'm home today

apparently the plague is going around at work.  it's my turn.  cough, sniffles, sore throat.  i've got em all.  so i'm spending my day cursing pintrest and watching bam eat an ice cream sandwich for brecky.

and deciding what to do with this blog.

this blog is kind of a catch all for my thoughts.  no real direction, no real... push.  so i think i'm going to slim it down a bit.  i've already started another diary type blog for my weight loss, . and this one is going to be for my hippy/pagan stuff.  i'm not saying that the two wont mingle, but a little more separation will be good for me.

on that note....

i made some lotion.  actual lotion.  not balm, not 'moisturizing oil'.  lotion.  and it was flippin easy.  i got all the instructions from this site Ready Made, and they have great detailed instructions.  the only thing that i changed was that i added some sandalwood scent.  the fragrance oil, not the essential oil.  i can't afford the essential oil. so that made it not 100% natural anymore.   but this stuff is amazing.  i use it on my face, my body, even my hair (i have hobbit hair.  big tendency to frizz out) and it works as an amazing smoothing lotion on my locks.  i gave a way a couple of jars for xmas gifts, and people are hooked.  i don't think i'll ever buy lotion at a store again.

i LOVE that it's made of food grade stuff.  everything in it (with the exception of the fragrance oil) can be eaten.  remember, the skin is the largest organ of the body, and i like the idea that no unpronounceables are going onto it.  the next batch im thinking of making will be coffee scented, i'm just going to replace the filtered water with cold brewed coffee.  i can already smell the yummyness.......

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  1. OOHHH,AHHH!!! Thanks for the link to the lotion.