Friday, December 16, 2011

i hate the hollidays

there.  i said it.  i am not a happy/sappy Christmas lover.  i don't like the tree. i hate the music.  i'm not fond of the food (fruitcake?  fruitcake should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction).  the TV specials run the gambit of sappy-cutesy to downright disturbing.  seriously, have you seen Rudolph the red nose reindeer lately?  Santa is a dick.  and i swear to Odin and all that i hold holy that the next person to sing "grandma got run over by a reindeer" will get a holly jolly boot in the poop shoot.

but it seems that the gods are not without a sense of humor.

my husband and son have an unholy love of the mistletoe.  the tree was put up during a marathon of the old stop motion flicks.  Bubby is a Santa-seeking missile.  gift buying was a two day affair, complete with fancy coffee (ok, so that i kinda dug on).

i don't get it.

i was told that once Bubby came along i'd suddenly have a love of this holiday.  lies.  all lies.  


  1. Actually, I like the holidays less nowthat I have kids. Infinitely more external expectations

  2. funny song here that describes us and yes i agree i hate holidays more now with kids....anyway listen to this

  3. Adding kids does create exponentially more stress, but I like having Santa believers around again. And I love cheesy badly animated Christmas specials. Though you're right, Santa in Rudolph is a prejudiced a*%hole.

  4. I honestly have to agree with you. Not having kids does not automatically make me go wheee about the holidays either. Luckily I shop online, have a job that I love and people who tolerate my lack of whoo-hoo it's the holidays this year. Sometimes I think people forget that the holiday time is not the best time for everyone. I say bleep Christmas, which they messed that one up the big JC BD in April and bring back Halloween instead. Now that's a holiday I can back. The movies have more morals and ethics, the clothes far more entertaining and no annoying perfume or buy a car now ads. But hey, that's just me. An urban working witch who is about to snap if she hears that bleeping barking jingle bells dog song or one more grandma got run over by a reindeer...