Friday, November 4, 2011

ok, so i've been absent

i skipped out on the last days of NaBloWriMo.  there's no other word for it.  my brain just said 'no more'.  i still love it, it's still a great excercise, and i'm going to do it again next year.  between the Omaha Witch Walk, starting the VinLand Foundation, and the fact that someone figured out the laundry chute...  my brain just said....  done.

and this just hasn't been a good week.  (i mentioned the laundry chute, right?)  this is the last week that hubby and i will be on the same shift.  at least for a while.  sometimes what works best for the family, isn't what mommy wants.  i'll deal.  it's just going to be a change in the morning/work time routine.  i like working with hubby.  i love it.  but he isn't happy working days.  he's a night guy.  and it works best for everyone because this will leave someone at home if there are any unexpected child-care issues.  we've been damn lucky so far, and i'm not expecting that luck to hold.

in other news, i've decided i'm going to hand make as much of my yule list as i can.  i know, it's already november, so i've gotten a late start.  i'm not expecting to get everything made, but i've already started on my moms gift (no mom, i'm not telling you).  for bubby, i've found a pattern on ravelry for a knit t-rex.  i'm going to do it in orange and teal, just like buddy from dinosaur train.

now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to put a padlock on the laundry chute.  


  1. right so I've obviously missed what happened w the laundry chute? Bubby find it I'm guessing? :)

  2. Yup, you need a full story, not just the 140 character laundry chute tidbits, please.