Monday, May 9, 2011

A little give and take

Yove heard me gripe and groan in the past about 'real' food vs 'fake' food.  I've gone on at length about my desire to feed my family nothing but wholesome natural and unprocessed food.  Its better for me.  For my family.  For the environment.

And I can't afford it.

At least not to the extent that I want to take it.  My yard tested high for lead, so until its replaced, I don't get my monster garden. Or anything really that I can't grow in an container.  So... suck 1.  I won't have saturdays off for at least 2 months, so the multiple farmers markets in the area are all off.  Suck 2. As for non-grown, yet still wholesome food? The older won't eat anything but Mac n cheese, and the younger will only eat hot dogs and yogurt.  Suck 3.  Buying food that at LEAST is free of hfc's? Too danm expensive.  A little box of the 'natural' grahm bunnies is almost 4 bucks.  The monster 2lb package of animal crackers that proudly proclaims its hfcs? A dollar something.  Yeah, I bought monster bag. 

Eating healthy 100% of the time costs too much.  And even if i get the 'good stuff', there's no warranty stating that its really GOOD stuff. 

So in an effort to (not annoy my hubby and children) get a little more balance in out food, I'm not going to freak out if we don't always eat the best.  I'm going to try yes.  But I'm not going to best myself up if it doesn't happen.  Yes, Bubby is currently eating the animal-crackers-of-the-danmed.  But he also eats organic yogurt.  So, ya know, it balances out.


  1. If you ever want me to pick stuff up at the market, just let me know :)

  2. (((hugs)))) We've gotten a couple farmer's markets on Sundays now, and I believe there is one on Wed. night as well? When we do get animal crackers, Costco has a HUGE container of organic/Non HFCS for right at $6/7, I can pick some up for you anytime :) And we can't afford the Annies mac and cheese either, I just ordered all natural cheese powder from King Arthur Flour and will make my own with purchased noodles. Much less expensive and still without the dye that A reacts to.

  3. I agree with what everything you said! Its flipping expensive trying to eat righg! We do hit the Aksarben farmers market on Sundays at times. We are also doing a coop with Tomato tomato this year.

  4. Yeah, organic food kills the wallet really dead. Been there... if we bought everything at the "healthy food store", we'd have to triple our budget. And we have to save as much as possible as it is already... *sigh*

    Well, small steps are better than no steps at all.

  5. Annies is 50 cents at Bakers sometimes when you buy 10 and save $5. I stock up. It is hard though, especially working too. Are you on the list to have your soil replaced? We didn't have high lead except around the house, but we did get our house repainted and got new windows too. What can you do but do your best?