Monday, March 14, 2011

overflow of awesome.... no, really.

ok. you know me. i do not have a self esteem problem. if you've read this blog, even a little, you know that if anything i have a bit of an ego. though i prefer to think of it as an overflow of awesome.  so when i say that its time that something has to be done about my weight, you know its kind of a big deal.  see, we cut out 90% of the processed foods we were eating.  i felt a hell of a lot better, less filled with gross unpronounceable things.    i felt HEALTHY.

however, i didn't decrease the actual amount of ..... input.

so while yes, the food i am eating is healthier, it's a lot more calorie dense.  like...  a lot.  real sugar.  butter.  cream.  butter.  whole milk (omfg so yummy).  as little fake anything as i can.  even soda.  real soda.  the good stuff, with sugar, that you have to import from mexico.  and i've gained like 15 pounds in a month.  we went to a parade with the star wars guys (bubby got to meet Darth Vader...  it was wonderful, he was so in love) and my picture got taken a few times (because of the aforementioned bubby/Vader meeting, seriously, it was adorable), and seriously....  moose, jen, misty...  please never show those pictures to anyone.

as much as i love myself, and know that i'm seriously awesome....  not so much likey the way i look.

so now we start phase two of the "real food challenge."  adding exercise and portion control to the mix.  already been on the treadmill at work twice this week, and today i walked to the gas station on lunch to get my stupidly over priced (but still cheaper than star$$'s) coffee.  and i'm restarting the #365yoga challenge.  starting tonight.

 lets get my outside awesomeness to match my inside awesomeness!


  1. You are teh awesomesauce! Own it! All of it!

    Remember, your body is used to "fake" foods. It takes awhile for it to realize real food. Once it does, it will start detoxifying and you'll feel like crap and then crap warmed over for awhile. You'll think you're sick with something. Keep up the healthy fats because toxins <3 fat molecules, like those in breastmilk, and you don't want bub getting those. Switching to raw dairy and/or upping both fermented and raw foods will help as well.

    Please let me know if I can help with any online support for you. Good luck!
    (Nak on my cell. Plz excuse typos)

  2. Thats awesome. We are working slowly toward the real food challenge. Only we aren't calling it that. The kids call it Mommy's trying to kill us with veggies, or if it's the hubs it's "ugh, wheres the beef?" I'm really glad you posted this. Now I don't feel quite so bad about the pounds I'm not getting rid of.

  3. Yes to fermented! I can help you with that, too :) You eventually will start expending more calories to make your food than you put in (gardening, kneading bread, canning, etc...) and your body will have detoxed from all the crapola. And I think you are absolutely gorgeous just the way you are. Your face and laugh make me smile and your body is perfect, especially in its functionality, look at the amazing little man you grew and birthed!

  4. Maybe you just need to change to kinds of "real food" you eat?

  5. Zoie is right. Your body is de-toxifying. The body's reaction to sudden change is to in, "are we getting sustenance? I don't recognize this! Horde the fuel(fat)! HordetheFUEL(FAT)!! We don't know when we'll get any again!!!!" It's the same thing that happens when we change diet, or start working out. The body's natural reaction to change is to prepare for the worst, and the worst for our body is no more fuel input of any kind, which is exactly why crash diets don't work.

    Unsolicited advice: I recommend lots of water (filtered, I love my Brita pitcher, and Omaha's water tastes like swamp filtered through the inside of a gym sock). It will speed the process along by washing out toxins, make you feel a bit fuller, slow down the eating process (which is how many of us end up overeating), and when you start working out, your body will love that you've been keeping it hydrated, and you'll definitely want to drink lots of water when working out. The fat cells will, again, hold on for a while, but at some point, it will all start sloughing off like you won't believe.

    DON'T weight yourself. This is the mistake everyone makes, and they feel crappy as a result and give up. Take some basic measurements of your body (message me if you want me to send you the list and how to do it; it's slightly different than our costuming measurements), and chart them once a week for about a month (or two, if you're feeling particularly scientific method), so you can get a baseline of the fluxuations between cycles, etc. Then you start to get an idea what you are working with before you start dieting, working out, etc. Like the lifestyle change in general, you're in this for the long haul, so take your time. In the meantime, enjoy your guilt-free eating. You are eating yummy food that is not touched by vileness. Enjoy the hell out of that. And remember that it is still winter, so your body needed to bulk up. When you start doing organic fruit salads and stuff like that for summer, your body will sing as it drops fat.

    At first, you will gain weight when you exercise. That's the muscle replacing the fat. Ignore it, because that's not generally the weight that can be seen, either in adding or losing. Moreover, feed your body while working out (I highly recommend trying exercise first; the body will then optimize and cutting portions and will not be so stressful for it). Continue to do your measurements...say, every two weeks and chart your progress. The body may hold on for a while. Eventually, though, what will then happen is that you will slim down. My friend bulked up with muscle, then lost some weight, then stayed at the same weight while her body literally slimmed. It's a weird process.

    More than anything, don't worry about it. As long as you are aware and taking the positive steps, your body will figure out what to do. Worry will only make the body hold on even harder....stupid stress.