Sunday, September 5, 2010

my own campaign for real beauty

by now youve all seen the dove ads. the "campaign for real beauty", and if you havent, youtube that. now. ill wait.

i love that a company is finally telling women that yes, they are good enough EXACTLY THE WAY THEY ARE. That all women are beautiful. and that shows exactly how DISTORTED the publics image of what is beautiful has become.

so i have a little confession to make...

im beautiful.

no, ill take that a step further. im hot. dude, im just damn fine to look at. ships would be launched, wars fought, all at the bat of my pretty pretty eyelashes.

but you will never see me on a magazine cover. oh hells, lets be honest. youll never see me in the magazine. what ive got doesnt translate into photos. im a big girl, not tall. big. and dont give me the 'oh you just had a baby...' that was 7 months ago. so spare me. my nose flares to much. i wear glasses. my teeth should have been braced growing up. i know all this. om ok with it. and im still a hottie.

because what is most beautiful about me is on the inside.

i am strong. my legs are powerful (yay couch to 5k!). my arms are quick. i know how to use a sword (and thats damn sexy, i dont care who you are). ive stopped a psudo-mugger (new orleans, piratecon. great story).

im confidant. i know who i am and where ive come from. and i know how hard it was to get from there to here. i have none of those petty doubts anymore about 'am i good enough?'. cause i am.

put all that together.... hottie me.

but what i want to know, is how do we get more women to feel the same way?
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  1. I didnt mention smart, funny, creative, and talented. I seemed a bit like braging. ;)

  2. Well, first of all we'd have to examine all the images of the "ideal woman" that are floating around. In the heads of men, women, children ("I want to grow up to be like..."), advertisement enterprises and so on. And then we would have to find out why these are the ideal images. Like, what do the people REALLY want when they say they want to be like XYZ? And then we'd have to teach them what it is they really want.

    E.G. when people say, "I want to be beautiful like [insert famous pop star/movie actress/... here]" what they most likely mean is, "I want people to pay attention to me in a positive way. I want people to admire me for who I am. I want to be loved."

    See? Put like that, it's easy. Where do we start?

  3. Kill the media. Tell women you meet how beautiful they are. Model "I am pretty" behavior for your daughter and her friends.

    I blogged about this as well. I blog about body image often. The people who didn't get my posts? men! the ones who did- women.

    I found a thing a magazine where you leave sticky notes in public places to feed others psyches- like "you are beautiful" on a bathroom mirror, or " you are sooo smart!" in a library book.