Monday, August 30, 2010

The winds of change

I de-wiccan'd the kitchen today.

it's kind of a big thing really.  kitchen witch de-witching the kitchen. but unfortunately, there isn't anything that i could do about it.  you see, the hubs and i are going to sell our house.  not this year, but probably in the spring.  and i know what you're thinking... "why do it now, why not wait?"  and that's a valid question.  but you see, i know myself.  i know that if i don't do it now, if i wait under the guise of "i'll get to it", it will never get done. 

so all my little witches on their tiny brooms, my witch crossing signs, my drac's, frank's and wolfies, even my spookshow pinups prints, all packed away.  my kitchen looks so bare.

what i did NOT pack up however were my altar (which someday the hubs will learn is not a place to put spoons that he can't figure out where they go) and my cauldrons. 

i gotta be me


  1. Whenever I move, the witchy stuff is about the last thing to leave. Usually, I burn some sage and lavender after everything has been moved and cleaned, so I will leave a spiritually clean and peaceful place for whoever comes after me. Together with one last candle... (^v^)

  2. I moved a lot as a kid, and I learned that there are only three things you need to do to prep for selling a house:
    1. Vacuum the floors.
    2. Turn on all the lights and open all the blinds.
    3. Hide the crap you don't want to clean up in laundry baskets in your car. :)

    I say leave out all the witchey stuff you want!