Tuesday, July 22, 2014


wow.  i haven't posted since may.  and it's almost august.

i know, you forgive me.  because you are faithful minions.  and i loves you.  yes you.


and i know you already know this, but it helps me to put it down on "paper".  we have a new plan.  and the awesome part is that it fits in with most of our other plans, it's just a bit more long term.  the plan is that in the next ten to fifteen years, all our debts will be paid off and we'll have saved enough in the bank to buy a 36ish foot sailboat that we'll be living on.  hubby and i will each be in our (very early) fifties (and i REALLY don't feel like i'm going to be 40 this year, i still feel like i'm doing something wrong when i buy wine) so it's a perfect way to ease ourselves into some kind of retirement.

plus our jobs suck just a little less now that we know there's an end date.

but there is a huge adjustment.  another reason for the 10-15 year time frame.  first step is trying to simplify our lives.  getting rid of clutter/downsizing/minimizing, whatever you want to call it.  several bags have already gone to goodwill, and many hundreds more will go eventually.  i'm sure that eventually i'll have to give up on my big canvases, but i really don't want to.  i've got time to figure out how to do that on a boat.  we're also going to be buying less.  a lot less.  less nights out (ha!  like there were soooooo many of those), less new toys.  less new clothes.  i've given myself a challenge to only buy 4 articles of clothing for the next year.  july to july.  should be interesting.

and i'm thinking of re-naming my blog.  i have an idea about what i want to call it, but i'm not 100% sure yet.  i may just make a new blog altogether, that's always an option.  i'll let you know either way.  and i promise i'll try to post more frequently.  i can't guarantee, but i'll try 

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